Matcha Miracle

I have a confession…my name is Charlotte and I have a Matcha green tea addiction. Next to my office we have a rather cool little coffee shop called Black Sheep (absolutely try it if you’re in the area. The cakes are pretty special too). The coffee there is so good that none of us can actually drink Starbucks now without major regret. So when last week one of my colleagues ordered a Matcha green tea instead of a latte, I was confused, intrigued and shocked all at once. It had been a long day. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want a green tea when they could have the dulcet, caffeinated notes of coffee to caress the tongue instead. I had to try it. It must be special.

I know it looks like swamp water. Just embrace it.
I know it looks like swamp water. Just embrace it.

The next day I tried it. Calling it legal crack is probably not the image the Buddhist monks who have been drinking it for centuries want it to have, but hey,  it’s a fair analogy. That evening I went home and cooked a risotto (I haven’t cooked in aged because I am just so tired in the evenings after working and studying all day). I also baked muffins AT THE SAME TIME with only one hiccough (they were courgette muffins so I personally think the accidental addition of the Risotto’s stock improved them). I then had enough energy to enthusiastically study for a further two hours and was tucked up in bed by 10.30.  Whut.

Look how studious it makes me!
Look how studious it makes me!

For a few months now I’ve felt constantly stressed from working and studying simultaneously, with my memory being awful and feeling generally foggy; not drinking for a month definitely improved this slightly but I still felt permanently tired and lazy with no motivation to anything that wasn’t strictly necessary.

It didn't last long
It didn’t last long

I’m telling you, matcha is a miracle.

General green tea addiction. Excuse the eggs.
General green tea addiction. Excuse the eggs.

It’s expensive but worth it. Healthier than coffee with more caffeine, and packed full of antioxidants, the zenergy is intense. I feel focused, able to happily get up at 6am (I have always been very much a late sleeper) and alive. I even bought my own tub and accompanying milk frother so I can have one in the morning at home.


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