Shh…Sneak Peek at Radley’s SS15 bags

When I think Radley, I think cute dog dangling from leather bag. I’m wrong. The SS15 collection from Radley breaks all premise of previous designs; it is cool, colourful, and totally on trend. With colour blocking, texture playing and different styles, it has taken a small risk, but my, has it paid off. Each style has been carefully designed and beautifully created, and by moving away from the little scottie motif (sniff)  it will appeal to a broader market who previously may have seen the brand as a little mummyish. Is the new collection mummyish? Not a chance. Sure, it features some classic shapes, but they are timeless, and with the Delevingne being the face of one of Britain’s most popular heritage brands, Mulberry, classic has never been more on trend. Now is the time to buy Radley.

photo 1

photo 2photo 3

But it goes further. It plays with hues, mixing orange, red and pink in the same piece. There are adorable back packs. There are nautical pieces, laser punched handbags, and a colour called aluminium which may just be the prettiest shade of grey I have ever seen on a bag.

photo 2

I’m a little in love with it all. Particularly this combination of colours;

photo 4

| am also totally besotted with my new personalised luggage tag. I now feel obliged to take a mini break just to use it!


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